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Oregon 2007

  • Beach_whoa
    John and I went to Oregon at the end of June 2007. We both competed in the the USAT Nationals - the amateur triathlon national championship - in a small town west of Portland. After the race we drove through some beautiful woodsy mountains to see the Oregon coast. This album has a few pictures before the race, and about a million of John riding a horse on the beach.
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September 22, 2008



I have done this. NO ONW listens. Oh, they may seem like they are listening, but then later they'll eat and say "What is this again?" Even if it is a lobster, with eyes staring at them.


Sigh. Nothing better than yelling something that is wrong.

"No one..."

Wickedly Scarlett

I liked it, just because if she didn't explain the theme, her guests probably wouldn't have figured out on their own that they were "taking a trip around the world". Cute idea! Also, Mad Men was a repeat on Sunday because of the Emmys, so you didn't miss anything :)

steve reed

I did this for our daughter's first birthday. The theme was "Zella's Favorite Foods" and we had adult versions of the babylike things she eats.


What's the adult version of Cheerios?

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