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Oregon 2007

  • Beach_whoa
    John and I went to Oregon at the end of June 2007. We both competed in the the USAT Nationals - the amateur triathlon national championship - in a small town west of Portland. After the race we drove through some beautiful woodsy mountains to see the Oregon coast. This album has a few pictures before the race, and about a million of John riding a horse on the beach.
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October 16, 2008



I recommend "NO" on anything that involves issuing bonds. These things are propositions in part because they couldn't get the spending passed through the regular legislative process and the average California voter is a sucker for the "you get all these goodies, but it won't raise your taxes" line of reasoning. But when the budget process is broken every year and the state runs continual deficits and is forced to cut services like education, look back to these propositions that force billions of dollars of debt service on us each year. I even suggest voting against the bond for childrens' hospitals - they just passed a similar proposition a few years ago and haven't completely spent that money. But the politicos approach it from the perspective of "let's put this on the ballot and you [hospital] will get money and I [proposition specialist] will get a fee, and we all win because who would vote against kids?" Just my 2 cents.


Good tips! My rule of thumb is usually "No" on all propositions, because, as you say, it circumvents the legislative process. I'm paying my representatives good money to weigh these issues FOR me.

But I do feel bad for the chickens, so I wondered if there was anything like that lurking in there.

Vaguely Urban

Dave is also generally "no" on bond issues; same reasons as you and 7th Ave.

My friend Erin sends out an email with a pretty nice Cliff Voter Guide for liberals. When I get the one for this election, I will forward to you. Yay, slacking on civic duty!


Here is a source for more info on propositions:

McClintock is obviously staunchly conservative, so perhaps you won't agree with a single thing he says. He takes a rather unemotional, very practical stance. Regardless, it is another viewpoint (opposite to nearly everything in media these days) that might shed light from the other side of the aisle. Take it or leave it! :-)

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